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You and the crowd (Krishna Prasai)
Since you entered the city from the village

In search of development

You have walked on foot,

You have traversed for months

And moved about in your old shoes.

You have no car of your own,

If needed you take a bus,

You have no house of your own,

You stay in a rented apartment.

For many months you are seen in just one dress

And many days have passed

You are in your old beard,

You have no...
Critical Discources on Gopal Parajuli
Gopal Parajuli is a postmodern poet in Nepali Literature. He has published hundreds of poems, plays, short stories,essays, interviews & articles in most of the leading magazines and papers from Nepal & E-magazines-Poettext (U.K.), Cubed (Canada), Paradesh (USA), Panorama (Canada), Peace Media ( (America), Freenepal (Mosco), News Blaze (US), Pressbox (London), Scoop (Newzealand) and News From Bangladesh (Bangladesh). Parajuli is currently the editor of ‘Garima’, Nepal’s...
Who is the Jhamak Ghimire ?
Though it is really unbelievable story, yet this is not a myth. This is a true story of a courageous and inspiring girl Jhamak Ghimire. Her life story has once again proved "where is will, there is way". Observing her total activities, we can say that will power and hard work could defeat any kind of of obstacle. Her life story is very astonishing and unbelievable.

Jhamak was born in July, 1980 in Kachide Village Development of Dhankuta district which is one out of 75 districts...
Memory lane (Sanjiwan Pradhan)
Deep down the memory lane,

I wonder leisurely to forget the pain;

The pain that has troubled me long;

The pain that has been transformed into my shadow throughout my life along.

I utter no word, I write no song;

For whatever I wrote remained unsung

I wish for nothing, for my dreams were stolen;

And with all my stolen dreams ,I wept so long;

Only within those dreams , I caught a nap ;I ...
HUMANITY (Pratima Paudel)
Narrow lanes and the mystic moves

Wandering around was my lonely soul

Dreary sights and the innocent looks

Gazing around was my ardent soul

Why the innocent looks it make?

Why the mystic moves it take?

My soul ready to answer the quest

Replied aloud -"Mystic moves to cure the poor soul

Innocent looks to heal their pains so foul"

Where are the poor souls?

Where are their pains?
I can give my life for you!
i can give thousand kisses for you!

you love me i love you!

i never want being far from you!

no moment i feel sad

whan i am with you!

again isay i kiss you!

when i become far i miss you !

so i request to god

never make far me and you !

i say i love you !

so i pray to the god

next reincarnation will be with you!!!!!!!

Raj kumar...
Operation Mutay (PATRICK BISHOP)
On 4 June the Paras set off on what was billed as a ‘cordon and search’ operation. Their target was a mud-walled residential compound, 70 yards square, on the eastern outskirts of Now Zad. According to the sketchy information available, it was thought to be an ammunition and weapons dump, possibly a Taliban bomb factory and a safe house for insurgent commanders. The idea was to secure the compound, seize the materiel and grab any Taliban who might be there.

Village and Trees (Manjul)
Translator: Maya Watson

Village Solitude

I am here. I 'll be here.

I won't go

to the city,

I have no part there

The sound of a flute

touches my every part. I am innocent

like the flute boy's eyes, the flute boy's heart,

I won't go

to the city.

A dog has barked or a stream has flowed,

the wind touched or has not touched the trees:

I am in the...
Kathmandu Calling: Difficult Life (Anbika Giri)
How did you feel? I don’t know how you felt but as for me, I saw very few vehicles on the road yesterday. The day was hot and the wind was blowing. It was awfully boring. The people were confused and insecure about the future. Everyone had the same unanswered question hovering in their minds: What will happen tomorrow? Didn’t you feel the same? Didn’t you suddenly feel tired of your work? Wasn’t it evident that a change had crept in?

I looked at my mobile as soon as I...

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