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Kathmandu Calling: Difficult Life (Anbika Giri) - [2008-05-14]

How did you feel? I don’t know how you felt but as for me, I saw very few vehicles on the road yesterday. The day was hot and the wind was blowing. It was awfully boring. The people were confused and insecure about the future. Everyone had the same unanswered question hovering in their minds: What will happen tomorrow? Didn’t you feel the same? Didn’t you suddenly feel tired of your work? Wasn’t it evident that a change had crept in?

I looked at my mobile as soon as I woke up yesterday. It showed no network. I rushed to the nearby shop and hastily picked up the telephone receiver. It was impolite of me to do so without asking the shopkeeper, but I was in a hurry. The shopkeeper said that the telephone was not working and I felt quite relieved because I’d thought that there was something wrong with my mobile set.

It does get boring when telephone is unavailable, but it made me relieved to know that it was not only my phone that wasn’t working. Anyway, most of us had guessed that this would surely happen after the parties’ decision to hold demonstrations on Friday. On February 1, it would have surprised us for a while, but this time it had no effect. We know that the people’s problem is of no importance to the royal government because it doesn’t represent the people. It has already revealed its selfish grounds, the key move being the February 1st takeover.

It was useless to wait for the telephone service to resume. Surprisingly the Land lines started working after 8:15. But, what about the other two services: UTL’s WLL and mobile? When will all the services resume? Some say it will take as long as a month or more. At least, I could use the land line to talk to the person I had to.

A funny incident took place while I was rushing towards my office. I met a friend who studies in Saraswoti Campus and it was hilarious to see her hair trimmed so short. Moreover, she was a one who used to say that long hair is part of a woman’s identity. Surprised by her entirely new look, I asked her what the reason was. As she is involved in politics she had to trim her hair, put on a cap and wraps a muffler round her face to elude the police during a forced arrest in which the FSU president got arrested. It was really exciting to hear that. I had only heard that in the ‘046 revolution, political leaders escaped attempted arrests by disguising themselves, but yesterday I saw it with my own eyes.

It is already in the news that the leaders of the seven agitating parties have been arrested. Not only political leaders, but the government has arrested even the human right activists. All these news are being broadcast by FMâ??s throughout the nation and the people have not the faintest idea of what the country’s future will be.

Security personnel were roaming round every corner of the city, some even in civil dress. Towards the evening, everyone seemed to be worried about the curfew timings. They weren’t sure when the curfew would start in the evening because it had started from 11 PM on Monday and the time had subsequently been extended to 10:00 PM the next day and to 9:00 PM on Wednesday. Most of them were saying that it would start from 8 o’clock since the duration was increased by an hour each day. People were asking each other, ‘When does the curfew start?’ They were concerned most of all about today. There were rumors of curfew right from the morning and it was true. The curfew is on right from 8 o' clock in the morning till 6 in the evening.

Early in the morning today, my cousin arrived and I went to his place instead of my French class. There is a telephone in his house and since my mother isn’t in the valley but back in her village, whenever my mother has to call me, she calls me there. And this time, I was sure enough that she had heard about the capital’s situation and that she would give a call at my cousin’s place.

I had also been to my French institute in the evening yesterday to make sure whether the classes would run. The institute was closed till Sunday. The watchman asked if I hadn’t a phone since all the students had been informed by telephone. When I showed him my mobile, he laughed and said that I’d better throw it away as it was of no use now.

I don’t have a watch and I didn’t feel comfortable enough to take out my lifeless mobile and see the time there. So, I asked the next person whether he had a watch. He simply took out his mobile and told me the time. I was bewildered, so I laughed, but the person couldn’t know why.

The city is in terror. People are suffering due to the royal government’s obstinacy. Parents tell their children to return home soon. Because of the curfew, everyone should reach office before 8 in the morning, which isn’t possible for all. Fortunately, my boss understood this problem and so, I had to spend the whole day watching TV. Well, besides this I didn’t have any other alternative either.

Perhaps this is only how I feel but, situations have really worsened in the past few days and anyone can see that. One thing is for sure, and that is the people have lost all hope that the king will take any more right decisions. It is evident that more people will participate in future demonstrations against the government. I heard most of them saying that in a situation like this, a change is a must. No one knows what the motives behind the government's decisions are but it is clear that if this problem remains unresolved, more and more people will start coming out to the streets.


तपाईंको प्रतिकृया

I spent the whole day. Watching TV...
Why don't you read Nepal Yearbook and reaise your own country?

Never mind , you do have the same hair style about which you have commented sarcastically in your article. Anyway thanks for the food for thought that you you laid therein.
Best of luck.

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