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Who is the Jhamak Ghimire ? - [2008-08-14]

Though it is really unbelievable story, yet this is not a myth. This is a true story of a courageous and inspiring girl Jhamak Ghimire. Her life story has once again proved "where is will, there is way". Observing her total activities, we can say that will power and hard work could defeat any kind of of obstacle. Her life story is very astonishing and unbelievable.

Jhamak was born in July, 1980 in Kachide Village Development of Dhankuta district which is one out of 75 districts in Nepal. She is the first child of mother Asa Devi Ghimire and father Krishna Bahadur Ghimire. Jhamak has been the victim of extreme physical infirmity since her birth. She could not speak; her both hands are inoperative; she could not even sit comfortably. In the first sight, she looks like a wrecked, crippled and enfeebled girl of 2o years.

She salivates almost 24 hours and her head is also crooked. Thus her physical condition is very pathetic and she has been cheated by �luck� or �nature�. Thanks God! at least she could see, hear and partially operate her legs. But she could not stand and walk.

Till the age of three years, she was completely bedridden disabled girl. Her parents were very disappointed by her condition. They did what they could do for her treatment but the result was zero.

Later on, she started to sit uneasily when she was 3 years. When she was seven years, she heard the rhythmic lines of religious book "Ramayan" cited by her father and it allured her to know "how to read?" Similarly, one day she saw that her father was pressurizing to her young sister for study hard. The incident aroused her enthusiasm how to learn �read and write�. Then she started to study herself. Nobody never taught her how to recognize letters and write. Astonishingly, she learnt read and write (holding pen between toe and great toe of the left foot) Nepali letters within a week. She could not speak. Therefore, she also started to express her personal feelings by writing.

Because of physically disable condition, it is very difficult for her to perform simple daily works too. She should rely on her mother for excretion, urine, bath and other daily jobs. She could not walk even a single step and someone should carry her to move from one place to another. When she became aware of the freedom and independence of an individual, she practiced hard to perform many of her works herself. After untired practice, now she could perform the tasks like eating, drinking, folding cloths, holding different stuffs, combing, turning the pages of books by her feet.

Gradually she was fascinated towards studying Nepali literature. she likes watching information programmes in Television and read news in the newspaper and magazines. Her hard labour, dedication and passion made her capable to study and create literary pieces. During last 6-7 years, she has written 15 books including poetry, short stories, essays, songs, daily diaries etc. Her published books are as following:

1. Awasan Pachhiko Aagaman - (Arrival after the death):- Anthology of short stories, poems, daily diaries, songs, essays etc.

2. Sankalp - (Vow) :- Poetry

3. Aaphnai Chita A gnishikhatir - (Own�s funeral pyre towards the fire apex):- Poetry

4. Manchhe Vitraka Yoddaharu - (Worriers inside the human beings):- Poetry

Now she has been a known literary person in Nepal. As a result of her dedication to literature writing, she has been awarded by Kabita Ram Bal Sahitya Prativa Puraskar 2055, Aswikrit Bichar Sahitya Puraskar 2056 and many other letters of felicitation from different social organization. Some people would like to address her as "Hellen Keller of Nepal".

In fact, Jhamak is the proud for Nepalese disables, women and every one. Her will power and dedication to literature composition make other normal human beings review their activities once again.

If you are more interested to know about Jhamak Ghimire, please buy her books in the market and study.


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I heartedly praise the gifted Jhamak. God works ably from those who are disable.

I heartedly praise the gifted Jhamak. God works ably from those who are disable.

Please send your short and the best and a short introduction and a photo. Nepal Yearbook 2009 will polish it.

welldone jhamak, i proud of you.

Of course , well written . Had I been in your place I would havee given her a compliment ``Helen Keller Of Nepal``.

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