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Critical Discources on Gopal Parajuli - [2008-08-14]

Gopal Parajuli is a postmodern poet in Nepali Literature. He has published hundreds of poems, plays, short stories,essays, interviews & articles in most of the leading magazines and papers from Nepal & E-magazines-Poettext (U.K.), Cubed (Canada), Paradesh (USA), Panorama (Canada), Peace Media ( (America), Freenepal (Mosco), News Blaze (US), Pressbox (London), Scoop (Newzealand) and News From Bangladesh (Bangladesh). Parajuli is currently the editor of ‘Garima’, Nepal’s foremost literary magazine.

Gopal Parajuli's other literary works include Samanantar Sadak (Parallel Roads), a play, Nayan Ishwarko Ghoshana (Declaration of a New God), an epic poem, Samayako Prasthan (The Departure of Time), an epic poem, Shabda Shatabdi (The Lost Century), an epic poem, Deshmathi Alekh (A Salute to the Nation), an epic poem, Arko Disha (New Direction), a collection of short stories, Himalmathi Alekh (Mark on the Summit), an epic poem, Dishahin Akash (The Broken Sky), a collection of short stories, Prithbimathi Alekh (The Mother-Figure), an epic poem, Sadakpachhi Sadak (Road After Road), a play, and Golardhaka Dui Chheu (The Two Extremes), a collection of one act plays.

“When he wields a pen, however, he becomes a changed man. He speaks with the voice of a prophet, and the words he sets upon the page breath fire.” writes Dr. Sanjeev Uprety. According to Michael Levy, Gopal Parajuli is a poet extra-ordinary, who composes ambrosial messages as though they were transmitted via God. Levy writes “His soul evokes true purpose of vitality”.

Recently, a collection of critical commentaries on Gopal Parajuli’s work has been published as “Critical Discources on Gopal Parajuli”. The book is edited by Susan M. Griffith-Jones. Susan Griffith-Jones has assembled a collection of commentaries by variety of authors familiar with Gopal's literary work. Some of them are Sandy Chilcote, Dr. Govinda Raj Bhattarai, Dr. Jaya Raj Acharya, Dr. Sanjeev Uprety, Dr. Shreedhar Gautam, Tek B. Karki, HB Bhandari Prabhat, Suresh Hachekali, Tulasi Prasad Acharya, Mukti Ghimire 'Pathik' and Kamala Sarup.


तपाईंको प्रतिकृया
पुरा नाम
ईमेल ठेगाना
काप्चा अर्को काप्चा प्राप्त गर्नु होस्

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