HUMANITY (Pratima Paudel)

Narrow lanes and the mystic moves

Wandering around was my lonely soul

Dreary sights and the innocent looks

Gazing around was my ardent soul

Why the innocent looks it make?

Why the mystic moves it take?

My soul ready to answer the quest

Replied aloud -“Mystic moves to cure the poor soul

Innocent looks to heal their pains so foul”

Where are the poor souls?

Where are their pains?

Haven’t you gone to the somberland it asked

Cried aloud in distress my soul- “People there are lean and thin

Unhealthy they are I mean

Neither the fine clothes to wrap around

Nor the proper diet there lay on the ground

No happiness,no joy to celebrate

Only the pains for the survival they integrate

They’ve no choice what they gain or lose

Broken bottles they use as their shoes

Prosperous we,can eat whatever we need

But,so sad…….they have nothing to feed

Toys throughout the room,our children play

Unarty human skulls are our toys,they say

So pathetic,so pensive

Don’t you feel the pain?

Would prosperity ever rain on them?

With this thought,I’m moving

For this sake I’m pleading

Poor may live with joy I dream

Someday my dream would come true it seem

Drizzle of my only help,it’s not gonna help

So,please if you are human do a help

Money,money it doesn’t have wings

Life’s gonna dry up in the early springs

Orbs of humanity don’t buy for some money sake

You can gain it from the help you make

So,please put your efforts to make a change

Thirst for mirth let them quench

Let them live happily as we do

Help them feel they are human

Let them feel they are human.”

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